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Organise Your School Classroom Stationery

Classroom Table Caddy Essentials

  • What are the must have Stationery Supplies for your classroom?
  • How do you keep your classroom clutter free?

Denise's Organisational Tips & Stationery Advice For Your Classroom

Keeping a classroom organised can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to managing the many supplies students need throughout the day.

Our bestselling Premto storage caddy is an excellent solution for keeping everything tidy and within reach.

Here's your list of must-have supplies to ensure your classroom table caddies are well-stocked for a successful school year.

Writing Essentials
Stationery Essentials For Cutting & Sticking!
Artwork Essentials


A well-stocked Premto storage caddy is key to maintaining an organised and efficient classroom.

By ensuring each caddy is equipped with these essential supplies, you can create a learning environment where students have everything they need at their fingertips.

This not only saves time but also encourages independence and responsibility among students. Keep your classroom running smoothly and your students ready to learn with our Premto Caddies and these must-have caddy essentials.