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On the Go

Pack your lunches smartly with the help of our on the go range. With Brands such as Premto and Smash you'll be sure to find the perfect product for your food On the Go. Whether you need a lunch box, snack container, coffee cup or drink bottle we have you covered. Our products help you pack a zero waste and healthy lunch.
Stay hydrated with our range of stainless steel and BPA Free plastic water bottles. Keep your favourite beverages hot or cold with our sustainable range of reusable coffee cups and stainless steel bottles. Our lunch containers for adults and kids are easy to use, wash, and store. Perfect for storing, transporting and eating on-the-go snacks. The hinged lids, means no more lost container lids and locked in freshness. Preparing portion controlled, rubbish free snacks and looking after the environment has never been easier.
When you need a quick pick-me-up or a treat on-the-go, to give yourself a satisfying and enjoyable break from your busy day our On the Go offering has everything you need.
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