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Unleash the Fun with Clever Kidz & Ormond: From Magnetic Clocks to Pocket Packed Dice!

Unleash the Fun with Clever Kidz & Ormond: From Magnetic Clocks to Pocket Packed Dice!

Sarah Murphy |

Hey there, all you resource-hungry educators and parents! Are you tired of the same old classroom routine? Do you dream of adding a dash of quirky creativity to your teaching arsenal? Well, hold onto your thinking caps, because Clever Kidz and Ormond are here to save the day with their arsenal of out-of-the-box classroom resources that are as fun as they are educational!


Let's kick things off with the Clever Kidz 23cm Magnetic Clever Clock. Gone are the days of watching the minutes tick by as your students' eyes glaze over. This magnetic time-telling wizardry is designed to make learning to tell time a breeze. Picture this: you're the time guru, and your classroom whiteboard has transformed into a clock with adjustable hands, giving time-telling a tangible twist. If only it could zap away tardiness too!


But wait, there's more! Introducing the Clever Kidz Create Your Own Games Foam Dice. If you've ever wished your lessons felt like a game show, this is your ticket. These foam dice come with pockets, ready for your imagination to run wild. Teach math? Add numbers in each pocket for instant math-frenzy. Language arts? Fill them with vocabulary words. History? You got it, key historical events. Roll the dice and let the learning games begin!


Now, brace yourself for some math magic! The Ormond Mathematical Flash Cards - Addition - Pack of 27 is like a mathematical jackpot. Not only are these flashcards the ultimate mind teasers, but they also come with a secret power—making addition so cool, kids might start adding numbers for fun! Learning math has never been this snappy.


Last but not least, let's talk geography with the Clever Kidz Wall Chart - World Flags & Capitals. Say goodbye to bland maps and hello to a vibrant tapestry of world cultures. This wall chart not only showcases flags and capitals, but it also doubles as a conversation starter about diversity and global understanding. Plus, you might just impress your students with your newfound knowledge of flags like a true vexillologist!


So, dear educators and parents, if you're ready to spice up your teaching game, Stationery Superstore has your back. From magnetic time-travel to dicey adventures, these classroom resources are the secret sauce to keeping both you and your students engaged and entertained. After all, who said learning couldn't be a laugh-out-loud adventure? Get ready to unleash the Clever Kidz magic in your classroom!