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Diaries and Planners: A Comedy of Errors

Diaries and Planners: A Comedy of Errors

Sarah Murphy |

Ah, the world of diaries and planners, where organized chaos meets the best of intentions! If you're anything like me, you've had a tumultuous relationship with these paper-bound life saviors.

Firstly, let's talk about the allure of buying a new diary. It's like a fresh start, a promise to yourself that this year, you'll be more organized than a squirrel hiding nuts. You pick out the fanciest, most colour-coded planner on the shelf, confident that this time, your life will transform into a well-oiled machine.

But fast forward to February, and your once-pristine diary has turned into a graveyard of neglected to-do lists. Suddenly, all those ambitious plans to work out daily, eat healthy, and learn a new language have transformed into "Buy more snacks" and "Watch Netflix for 8 hours straight."

And then there are the daily diary dilemmas. You find yourself trying to squeeze three meetings, two coffee dates, a gym session, and grocery shopping into the same half-hour slot. It's like attempting to fit an elephant into a Mini Cooper; hilarious, but ultimately futile.

Let's not forget the classic "Planner vs. Memory" conundrum. You write down everything in your planner but promptly forget to check it, leading to countless missed appointments. You remember your friend's dog's birthday, but somehow forget your best friend's actual birthday. "Sorry, I was too busy keeping up with Rover!"

Ever tried to decipher your own handwriting after a rushed entry? The panic sets in as you squint at your planner, trying to decipher "Clerling the Fremlitz Project." It's not until your boss calls, wondering why you're not at the crucial meeting, that you realize it was "Clearing the Form-filling Project."

Diaries and planners often end up as blank canvases for your artistic doodles and random musings. Your planner isn't just for appointments; it's also for your masterpiece collection of stick figure drawings and failed attempts at calligraphy.

In conclusion, diaries and planners are like that old friend who constantly lets you down but never loses their charm. We keep coming back, year after year, with the hope that maybe this time, we'll become the organizational superheroes we aspire to be. Until then, just keep laughing at the chaos and embracing your inner artist while pretending to be an adult.